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Sunday, November 13, 2005

With the passing of Rosa Parks it brings history into perspective. It's only been fifty years since we as black people entered main stream society. Compare to four hundred years of being second class citizens. At fifty three I can remember segregation; little black children being spit on by crowds of white people just for trying to get an education. Now you're not keeping it real by being educated. Black people not being able to vote without their dignity insulted, now we don't bother to vote. It seems that at some point someone must realize that on the whole the white man stopped holding us back when he saw that we do a better job of it.
We as a people have endured as much if not more adversity as any other, yet we have not yet turned it into a asset. Instead we insist on wallowing in our own destitution. Dr. King wanted us to be able to sit at the table as equals, not to be served, but to be able to reach and serve ourselves.